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Chel's Baby Shower Invite

Catherine Harrison - Monday, November 09, 2015

There is nothing better than a beautiful paper invite hand or snail mail delivered, but when there is only two weeks until the event you want the invites to go out as soon as possible. Thankfully we have this thing called Technology and things are now delivered instantly. I'm so glad most people I know have mobile phones with big screens that allow my designs just a little bit of justice. Because this week I designed a beautiful baby shower invite that would have looked stunning printed but instead we sent them out via facebook messenger and text message.

I am quite stoked with how my design turned out; it's the perfect example to show how I think actually. Think about the words "baby" and "shower" and what do you get? A shower of babies of course. As this event is a high tea I had to have some yummy looking cupcakes and tea cups falling from the sky too. I had no internet to source a baby picture so getting the scale correct was a tad fiddly. Luckily I had my handy husband who took one look at it and said "The body is too long". I married him for love but gee he's a fantastic with design critic.