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Beautiful Website Complete

Catherine Harrison - Sunday, February 02, 2014

I'm so excited to announce the completion of Ahiawa Chalets website!! I've enjoyed designing every part of the branding for this unique accommodation in Raglan and now the website completes the package.

When I thought about the layout of the site I remembered how impatient I was when looking for my honeymoon accommodation. After hours of sitting at the computer planning every detail of the wedding I was definitely over searching the net. If a website didn't quickly show me what I was looking for then I was out of there and onto the next one. So when designing Ahiawa Chalets I thought "Why not put everything on the home page?" Not only does it allow the user to find what they are looking for within seconds it also gives a fantastic overview of the whole property using a series background images.

I used a smooth scroll effect on the menu which I think gracefully shows the user through the site without making them feel disorientated by jumping around the page. The link to view more photos is nicely managed by a jquery lightbox effect which beautifully displays the photos. It has a transparent frame allowing users to see they are still on the same page and can click back to it at any stage. Another feature which allows ease of use while looking great is the fixed header; when scrolling down the page the user will always see the header including the logo, feedback and menu. There is no need to scroll back up the page they simply click the menu or the logo and the site will glide back to the top in one beautiful movement.

Take a look at the site at and see what i'm talking about. You might even be enticed into booking a night or two in one of the luxury chalets. Raglan is my favourite town in New Zealand; I love the relaxed feel, the friendly people, the arty shops and cafes and the beautiful scenery along the coast. I could go on. If you haven't been you don't know what your missing. The owners of Ahiawa Chalets Nick and Hayley are hoping to get a professional photographer out at some stage to take some more photos - perhaps if your a photographer you might be willing to swap your services for a holiday. Give Hayley and Nick a call and see what they can do.