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Kalgoorlie Hotel Re-brand

Catherine Harrison - Monday, February 19, 2018
Established in 1897 Kalgoorlie Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Kalgoorlie. Quenching the thirst of many after a long day in the dusty red dirt. Most recently known as "Judd's" the Kalgoorlie Hotel is famous for it's amazing wood fired pizza's and it's massive beer garden. Owners Jen and Craig wanted to create a brand that was modern and stylish that really represented their pub for all that is has to offer. They want people to continue to enjoy their space and appreciate the long history and connection that it has with the town and it's people. As part of the re-brand they are upgrading the restaurant area and releasing a new menu with new pizza's, crapes and other delectable items. The restaurant is a long narrow area with a large wall that was the perfect place for a mural to create the stylish atmosphere for people to enjoy Kalgoorlie Hotel and soak up some of the things we love about Kalgoorlie.

By 1897 the Art Nouveau movement was well established and parts of the hotel are still in this style. As soon as I realised the Art Nouveau era was around that time i knew i had to use that to create the connection to the history of the hotel. This modern Art Nouveau style logo uses whip lashing curves to show beer pouring from the tap and into the circular glass and / or the red dirt. The famous Kalgoorlie Head Frame pops out of the circle just as they do in our unique landscape. The Antique fork show’s the thirsty punter that there is plenty of good food to accompany that icy cold beer. The curvy Art Nouveau inspired font is bold and stylish giving the Kalgoorlie Hotel a fresh new look with a real historical connection. The vibrant orange represents the Kalgoorlie dirt and the beautiful sunsets.

The below illustration is a section of the massive wall mural to be installed along the restaurant wall like a wallpaper using PickaWall to print, the largest part of the mural is 1.8m high by 10.5m wide.
Owner Craig has for years visualized a work of art or photography combining all the things he loves about Kalgoorlie, he even has the original list of things in his desk draw from quite a few years ago. I studied the list and started by taking just a few of the things on the list and started drawing. One of the things he talked about most was all the different types of bush land we have surrounding us. I wanted to bring together some of Craig's ideas with some of the Art Nouveau style to create a modern and stylish piece that told a bit of a story while setting the right atmosphere for the restaurant. Talk about a challenge!

One of my favourite places to visit in Kalgoorlie is Karlkurla Bushland Park. We walk up to the lookout and breathe in the amazing fresh air and stunning views of the surrounding bush. When looking back towards the Super Pit you can see all the Head Frames lined up along the horizon. My intention with this mural was to zoom right up from that lookout and get a view that perhaps the birds would get from the trees. The sun is setting behind and glowing orange onto the Super Pit creating that silhouette look for the Head Frames to really stand out and catch the eye. The gum leaves have been drawn in a curvy Art Nouveau style pattern inspired by William Morris a very famous 19th Century Textiles Designer. The birds are a few that we see around town and in the bush. There are also a few sneaky things to find including some skimpy's and a snake.

I am still working on more features of this brand and will expand on this story a bit later.

Fetish Fine Foods

Catherine Harrison - Saturday, September 16, 2017

Chelsea at Fetish Fine Foods is passionate about making real foods without all the refined sugars and other junk you get in a lot of sauces these days. She wanted a logo that showed her passion for food in a professional and modern way. It needed to stand out on the shelf next to her competitors. I developed on from her existing logo of red lips to this beautifully finished typography style logo with a subtle kissing lips shape to frame it. The strong black background with lots of negative space on the labels gives the logo real pop on the shelves. This beautiful logo is so versatile Chelsea will have no trouble applying it to any of her present and future food labels.

Chel's Baby Shower Invite

Catherine Harrison - Monday, November 09, 2015

There is nothing better than a beautiful paper invite hand or snail mail delivered, but when there is only two weeks until the event you want the invites to go out as soon as possible. Thankfully we have this thing called Technology and things are now delivered instantly. I'm so glad most people I know have mobile phones with big screens that allow my designs just a little bit of justice. Because this week I designed a beautiful baby shower invite that would have looked stunning printed but instead we sent them out via facebook messenger and text message.

I am quite stoked with how my design turned out; it's the perfect example to show how I think actually. Think about the words "baby" and "shower" and what do you get? A shower of babies of course. As this event is a high tea I had to have some yummy looking cupcakes and tea cups falling from the sky too. I had no internet to source a baby picture so getting the scale correct was a tad fiddly. Luckily I had my handy husband who took one look at it and said "The body is too long". I married him for love but gee he's a fantastic with design critic.

Rockabilly Wedding Invite - So much fun!

Catherine Harrison - Saturday, September 12, 2015

What a fun wedding that was!! My sister got married a while ago now and I got to design the invitations. It was a Rockabilly theme and she wanted to include music and a romantic feel. I had so much fun designing this for my darling sister.



Ahiawa Chalets - Raglan New Zealand

Catherine Harrison - Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ahiawa Chalets are set in beautiful native bush on the edge of Raglan township in New Zealand. Owners Hayley Willers and Nick Bridge wanted a logo that incorporated the abundance of native bird life surrounding one of their beautifully built two person chalets. To include such detail in a logo was certainly a challenge - but I love the result! The stamp like logo portrays the chalets perfectly set within the peaceful bush. I can remember the sound of the stream running past my door and the birds tweeting "good morning" as I woke from a great nights sleep in their studio unit.

There are two chalets which both sleep two and there is also a studio unit which can sleep four. To book a relaxing weekend away or longer see this website

So far I have designed their business card and the sign for the road frontage. They had these business cards laminated so they look fantastic. The quality of the printing and paper stock is so important to a nicely finished business card. The contrast from the front to back of the card is nice a refreshing while looking professional and memorable.

For both the business card and signage we included a photo of the chalets because it shows the beautiful accommodation setting and because from the road all you can see is Hayley and Nicks house and office. Doesn't the logo look awesome in white on the transparent green.

I am still in the process of making their website and other promotional material but I will post as soon as I am done.Why wait? Book your next holiday in Raglan New Zealand at Ahiawa Chalets.

Beautiful Website Complete

Catherine Harrison - Sunday, February 02, 2014

I'm so excited to announce the completion of Ahiawa Chalets website!! I've enjoyed designing every part of the branding for this unique accommodation in Raglan and now the website completes the package.

When I thought about the layout of the site I remembered how impatient I was when looking for my honeymoon accommodation. After hours of sitting at the computer planning every detail of the wedding I was definitely over searching the net. If a website didn't quickly show me what I was looking for then I was out of there and onto the next one. So when designing Ahiawa Chalets I thought "Why not put everything on the home page?" Not only does it allow the user to find what they are looking for within seconds it also gives a fantastic overview of the whole property using a series background images.

I used a smooth scroll effect on the menu which I think gracefully shows the user through the site without making them feel disorientated by jumping around the page. The link to view more photos is nicely managed by a jquery lightbox effect which beautifully displays the photos. It has a transparent frame allowing users to see they are still on the same page and can click back to it at any stage. Another feature which allows ease of use while looking great is the fixed header; when scrolling down the page the user will always see the header including the logo, feedback and menu. There is no need to scroll back up the page they simply click the menu or the logo and the site will glide back to the top in one beautiful movement.

Take a look at the site at and see what i'm talking about. You might even be enticed into booking a night or two in one of the luxury chalets. Raglan is my favourite town in New Zealand; I love the relaxed feel, the friendly people, the arty shops and cafes and the beautiful scenery along the coast. I could go on. If you haven't been you don't know what your missing. The owners of Ahiawa Chalets Nick and Hayley are hoping to get a professional photographer out at some stage to take some more photos - perhaps if your a photographer you might be willing to swap your services for a holiday. Give Hayley and Nick a call and see what they can do. 

Merito - Souful Reason Album Cover

Catherine Harrison - Sunday, September 30, 2012

I had the privilege of designing the artwork for my friends second album which he released last week. As part of the cover artwork I also designed a new logo for the band. You can download MERITO - Soulful Reason from itunes or buy it from his website

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Inside Cover: