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Established in 1897 Kalgoorlie Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Kalgoorlie. Quenching the thirst of many after a long day in the dusty red dirt. Most recently known as "Judd's" the Kalgoorlie Hotel is famous for it's amazing wood fired pizza's and it's massive beer garden. Owners Jen and Craig wanted to create a brand that was modern and stylish that really represented their pub for all that is has to offer. They want people to continue to enjoy their space and appreciate the long history and connection that it has with the town and it's people. As part of the re-brand they are upgrading the restaurant area and releasing a new menu with new pizza's, crapes and other delectable items. The restaurant is a long narrow area with a large wall that was the perfect place for a mural to create the stylish atmosphere for people to enjoy Kalgoorlie Hotel and soak up some of the things we love about Kalgoorlie.

By 1897 the Art Nouveau movement was well established and parts of the hotel are still in this style. As soon as I realised the Art Nouveau era was around that time i knew i had to use that to create the connection to the history of the hotel. This modern Art Nouveau style logo uses whip lashing curves to show beer pouring from the tap and into the circular glass and / or the red dirt. The famous Kalgoorlie Head Frame pops out of the circle just as they do in our unique landscape. The Antique fork show the thirsty punter that there is plenty of good food to accompany that icy cold beer. The curvy Art Nouveau inspired font is bold and stylish giving the Kalgoorlie Hotel a fresh new look with a real historical connection. The vibrant orange represents the Kalgoorlie dirt and the beautiful sunsets.